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MF: Est Wilthorn by Aka-Ai MF: Est Wilthorn by Aka-Ai
:iconrainbowsparklesplz: :iconmortuus-finem: :iconrainbowsparklesplz:

:star: 3/9/15:: Updated!! he looks the same though??????

Est Full by Aka-Ai<- full version
:star: I rp through notes + comments *7*/

╠ Name: "Est" Wilthorn
╠ Age: 22

╠ D1 Leader

╠ Personality: Est is somewhat an overprotective figure when it comes to people. He doesn't exactly show it the way normal people would. With people Est is kinda on the mean side.Tough love pretty much. He dislikes it when things turn out bad and if something bad happens. He's rash, blunt and doesn't really care about what others think about him. If he wants he'll tell you off, if he wants to punch he'd punch you. He has no hesitation and doesn't think before he does things. And whatever happens after that is what he decides to be 'his fate.' Not caring much about it or anything.  He prefers to be alone but when he HAS to be with someone he's overprotective in making sure they don't get hurt because of him. He's still rude to people though and it's something that he's been use to doing. Saying things like "hey! unless you want to die and have me leave you, you better stick close idiot." In a rather annoyed rough tone. solikeatsunderebutnothahaha- He's easily annoyed but he would never leave you! He really does care- IF HE FEELS LIKE HE HAS TO BABYSIT YOU OR SOMETHING-- LIKE 'FINE YOU DUMBASS STAY CLOSE TO ME-' sOMETHING like that! He shows his affection in a rough way because in this world and situation, he has no time to be nice and patient. He has a soft spot for children and small animals though, the only things that would actually make me smile upon first meetings.  Despite the tough act, Est is actually REALLY clumsy. So clumsy it's dangerous and he almost kills himself every now and then. Hence all the bandages and stuff.  It's not best to be TOO close because of this horrible habit of his, most people blame his lack of seeing things but he's just cursed with being clumsy. He's use to it, but he might need help with putting on his bandanges. He actually hates his hair but is too lazy to trim it. sogoknifehishairnothim 

╠ Past background: Est didn't exactly grow up a peaceful life. He was abandoned as a child and was forced to fend for himself. Which is probably why he has such a rash attitude towards everything. He was always envious of kids who had a normal life, but he didn't let it bother him too much. He doesn't take too kindly to spoiled brats though. He's use to being forgotten and going to and through places. He never really knew his parents but he keeps a picture of them in his coat (but doesn't tell anyone about it). He had received the picture from an old friend of his parents that found him, giving him the picture.   It's sort of his way to remember how he was born and who were the stupid people who left him like this. He lives a simple and plain life just looking for them.  He wants to find his parents because he wants to know why they abandoned him. He's not expecting to live a life with them, but at least he wants to know WHY. That would solve the resolution in heart that he hides away. But it's not like he was alone all the time during his journey. He was took in by  a old man he stole bread from and learned most of the ways in life. Of course the old man gave him a good beating for taking the bread and Est was ready for death (he wasn't even beating him up that hard how can you die est omfg-). After the beating, the old man found resolution in Est and wanted him to be a better person. Surprisingly he wasn't that stupid, but he lacked in patience. He did find out that he was just good at beating people up. 

Now, he didn't do it on purpose, most of the people started it, because he often gave them some..look. Bad habit really when he glares at someone. He always found himself picking up fights and coming home only to be yelled at later. It was fun really, to get yelled at my the older man. He never really thought much of it though. He saw the old man as a parent but didn't bother to admit it to him. Calling him gramps or something he could come up with. He truly was glad to learn things from the older man. It would of been nice to live life together until he died himself. Though, the old man died and once again he was left alone.   Again, it was something that he pushed away, he was use to people leaving him. That was the last time he shed a tear for loneliness. After that he swore never to become too close to someone. Because in the end, they always leave him. So what's the point of that? This was a start of a new life maybe but it was probably then that his life seemed more dangerous. He often stuck with the wrong crowd and honestly probably could of died many many times. As if he cared about that, he preferred dying then living in this cruel world. It was a life he chose and stuck to despite how shitty it was. He could easily just got to help for any wounds he got, but he keeps them and takes care of them himself because he doesn't want the burden of relying on others. He was at his worst when the letter came in for him. Honestly he was about to throw the letter away but the watch interested him for a moment. He thought maybe it was some dumb joke he was given, but it wasn't. The next thing he knew, everything blacked out and he was at Mortuus Finem. But since he was already a nobody, it's not like anyone would of cared.  

╠ Likes: 
-doing his own thing
-He's very fond of his coat, which is why he doesn't dare to leave it anywhere. even if it's a million degrees he'll wear it.
-climbing up trees and seeing the view of the area
╠ Dislikes:
- Getting himself hurt all the time
- being stuck in a place he hates
- his hair (he wants to cut it but is so lazy ;; )
- Noisy people
- going into the other districts
- dealing with people in general
- messing up his bandages

╠ Extra: 
- if he likes you, he likes you. you won't notice though-- becausehe'ssuchanassimossorry
- He has very good aiming with that knife of his. Which he tends to throw a lot----
- His left eye is his biggest weakness, he hurt himself after a very big fight, almost dying from blood loss
- doesn't know his real name and got Est becase he was walking past a sign that was missing the letter A in east. 
- Like said, he's dangerously clumsy. Not exactly smart to be around him. A walking disaster
-He really likes cats especially.
- carries unlimited amounts of bandages from god knows where. 
-He's actually pretty good at sewing up stuff and could easily fix any rips in his clothes but he likes them ripped up like that. 
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