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December 17, 2012
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IL- Liliane by Aka-Ai IL- Liliane by Aka-Ai
Rae and Akatsuki convinced me to make her a mage. lol. So yeah. Mage she is~

For :iconinnatus-lex:


Username : Liliane
Class: Mage - Aura
Gender: Femae

Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: *insert crossed out letters here*

Personality: Liliane has the up most confident attitude one should ever have. She always says “Of course!” in a silly tone and face. She’s haughty, upbeat, overly dramatic, expressive and is always one of the loud one. Which often gets her into all sorts of trouble. Often time’s she’d admit that she’s normally the quiet one and that her online friends are far much more closer to her. To the point that she thinks she can be ‘herself’. She hides her feelings being a witty smile. Never getting mad or sad in front of the public eye or even online. She enjoys hunting for items more than she does scavenging for foes. Loving to dress up her avatar whenever she can. She tries to get along with most people, and even when she’s insulted she’d still pull off a forced smile.

Her player has electronic problems so often times she always gets pulled out of the game out of nowhere. Which results in her coming back and complaining. She doesn't complain to everyone, only because it's rude. Instead she finds that one or two sole- people that she cans trust with her personal information. But usually the people she becomes personal friends with often have to deal with her slight weirdness in the things she like. She's a bit of a busy body which results in accidents happening. Her attempts in trying to do more then one thing she messes up. Which usually hurts herself or someone around her. Often times putting herself down a lot and apologizing like crazy, even so she tries to be positive.

When in battle she gets really riled up and really cocky beforehand. (hence her being haughty) She has high hopes that she'll win and always mentioned something about luck and loves to ramble before a battle. Then once it starts, she's very concentrated and is always in focus. Not caring to bother with anything else, BUT when something that she doesn't expect happens she gets completely thrown off and loses her focus. Thus resulting in a lost. She likes to give a VERY dramatic 'NOOOOOO.' in response to a lost. Often times being pretty sad about it for a bit before reverting back to a big smile and congratulating the winner and attempting to be friends with them.

+her hair (She will never want to make it short)
+her physical game avatar appearance in general
+Clothing items
+beautiful scenery
+getting things she’s always wanted
+fresh cool air
+Fancy stuff

-humid/stuffy air
-her hair getting stuck in something
-getting hurt
-being alone
-getting distracted
-getting hurt by the most stupidest thing
-being rushed

Weapon: Euphoric Melody
A silver staff that has a key on the bottom. There isn't a reason why it is there, it's just there for show. The wings along the edges help her build up wind. They move in unison up and down. The tassel looking things attached to it, help her know when there is a wind coming. The orb inside gathers up some air just in case she gets in some sticky situations that make her need a quick breeze of air, as for the sparkles ...they just for show again.. LOL.

It's really light and easy for her to carry despite the way it looks. But because of that, she often times forgets she has it. It's slightly taller then her. The edge at the bottoms is used for 'up-close' combat if she HAS to. Sort of like a spear like thing.It is also used for Liliane to plant the sharp point into the ground to used her wind base moves. (like as a shield or surrounding area.

Fight style: She mostly uses her magic above all else. She is not made for up-close combat. But when she does move around she tries to be very precise and correct in movement and posing. Her agility is better then anything else. She is mostly on defense more then offense.

Most of her moves are wind based. Since she likes to avoid any up close combat. Any moves that involve having to be close to the opponent. She does not use.

[Zephyros]-creates a light breeze for her to use. Sort of a started move she needs to use. She needs to use this before she uses anything that involves wind.

[Pampero]- A strong cold wind. Often used to buffet her opponents to get them out of concentration. Good for helping the user jump, dodge and other physical abilities.

[Mistral-Leste] - surrounds the user and the opponent with a circle of hot dry air. Sort of thing 50/50 thing because it can cause the user or the opponent to get knocked out due to the low amount of air. This move isn't used much by Liliane because of that. Can be used as a shield if she ups it up to a Mistral-Leste-Pampero.

-When her player gets tired (because of playing WAAAY too long) her movements get slower and less active. Often times being still for a very long time
-HUMID air. It makes her breathing clog up and she can't concentrate.
-her confidence gets the better of her
-very stressful situations

Additional info:
-Her cape and hair have the tendency to get STUCK on a lot of things. Mostly because she's always flying around like no tomorrow and playing with air so much something happens
-Voice: [link]
-She loves talking about food
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LuckyBlacCat Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
AMGGG SO PRETTY~ :iconasdfghplz:
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Congrats on getting in!~ Hope to rp sometime ;w;
Aka-Ai Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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also, making her a mage was a good decision e v e can't wait to read more information on her!
Aka-Ai Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
jasildkjaskldas- oh what *//A//*
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